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Besides a new site our premises also have been moved recently. Considering the confidence we have in the market and the opportunities observed by us, a new office fits in the growth strategy as a result of which the team can be enlarged. The new office has been put into operation and now we are looking for new staff.

The export of beef from Argentina, mainly due to political developments, has decreased considerably in the past 10 years to an unprecedented low level. Especially the declined sale to Russia and Venezuela showed a serious downfall of both almost 50%.

The strongly increased cereal prices will have a corresponding impact on the cost price of meat. The effect hereof on higher meat prices will particularly depend on the demand which because of the economical conditions is difficult to be estimated.

Welcome at Roben Meat

Welcome at Roben Meat, importer of among other things beef, lamb- and mutton as well as poultry from particularly South America and New Zealand to Europe. You will read on this website what we can do for you.

Our activities comprise the overall, complicated process of the import of meat as visualized below. Imagine in this respect matters like customs clearance, currency, import quota, import duties, veterinary matters and all additional occurrences.

Our many years’ experience guarantees the right delivery on the right time and at the right price. In this way we work on enduring business relationships including as well issues as Corporate Social Responsibility, Carbon Foot Print, Animal Welfare, Environment, etc,. You want to know more?



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Our new office:
Roben Meat B.V.
Rivium Quadrant 90
2909 LC Capelle aan den IJssel
Tel +31 10 2306 183
Fax +31 10 2306 184