About us

Opting for Roben Meat is opting for a strong partner with decades of experience in the dynamic, international meat trade. Our business relationship with both customers and supppliers is based on respect and joint interest. Our operating procedure distinguishes itself by independence, short communication lines, high efficiency and the combination of traditional values(such as: “an honest man’s word is as good as his bond”) with the latest market developments.

The right match
Roben Meat brings together supply and demand. The starting point is to enter into business on the basis of trust and by the exchange of the correct information. We can offer actual stocks, work on extra sale for the suppliers or look for a specific product for buyers. We can also manage a part of the procurement activities.

A strong connection
From our compact organization we collaborate with specialized partners for services like customs declaration, storage, haulage, quality control, etc,. By using different partners we can offer maximal flexibility without being hampered by investments made in own facilities. In this way we can fully focus on what we are good at: to bring together supply and demand with an optimal price/quality ratio.

Our new office at the Rivum Quadrant 90 in Capelle aan den Ijssel