Roben Meat complies with all European Union drawn up guidelines and is registered with the Food and Drugs Authority. In the logistic process we collaborate with strong partners who (as a minimum) do have an EC certificate for the storage and (as a minimum) carry out the haulage according to HACCP-standards.

By Roben Meat imported products exclusively originate from companies which comply with the European legislation and have been certified by the EC accordingly.These companies dedicate a lot of attention to food safety and guarantee 
quality by implementing various quality systems and certificates like BRC, ISO etc. The European Commission initiates country-specific audits regarding the general state of health on a regular basis. There is also a check if the European legislation is being properly implemented, executed and supervised. In this regard we can rely on our strong business relationships with suppliers and specialized partners. Together we make a strong connection with additional specialisms. Auditing and certifications - that remains work of man - are reliable and of outstanding quality.
Quality control
The first destination of all purchased meat in general is Rotterdam,where it is discharged and stored in order to be inspected by ourselves. In this way our clients receive a guaranteed quality. We also adopt special wishes with respect to packing, labelling etc.