Roben Meat is specialized in the import of meat from outside the EC:

  • fresh and frozen beef, frozen lamb, mutton and frozen poultry from South America (particularly from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay).
  • Lamb, mutton and beef from New Zealand.

Moreover we collaborate with different importers within the EU enabling us to respond to the actual demand at any time and offer a wide assortment.


Many advantages
Meat from South America and New Zealand offers many advantages. At first the climatological conditions are optimal for the animal welfare, the growth of the animal and for the cultivation of the most important food ingredients. There is a profound knowledge and experience due to continuous specialization and development resulting in increasingly improving and matching conditions.
The production of beef, lamb and mutton is more extensive while in Europe in generally this is done in a more intensive way and less environmentally friendly. The fact, that the import of meat in the EU strongly is regulated by fixed quota and import duties explains enough about the differences in the cost of production. All this results in a perfect piece of meat with an optimal price/quality ratio.